2008-2-20 :: Chaos 51 :: sweetcury.



=@ Ix :: Six Jaguarthroat


Springbody in languaging beans

vaporizing post-26th dimension

what kind of weird notes?

Nosetap Jaguar sitswatch, caffeine

flip once to find el Sol

metapark under th Firebird flecks

eyesquidding th ending

fourcornering hummus & calabash

cinnamon dangledrag a Sniffle

notalottaanything beans

begin at th neck, flesh outwards

can we have a Rational Animism?

Murray hides this rare evening

people unspoken speak, rightside, nightside

slamming knowing moving cities

dark connecting dark light connecting

awkward tittertalk in white noisepast

dead living rejuvinating living mouse

luminous throats


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