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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago

2008-2-19  :: Chaos 50 :: ornjmar.





= Aj :: Five Caneplant


Friend in dreambed again & again

Friend in Caneplant, to completion

coffee stretches, 8+8, neighboreeds

th reeds rough & struggle, now sing

this puttering exit of mine

(she can roam rattle)

tendrilling th future, waiting clink clink

(damn damn damn)

assembling people by cell phone

Welltimed congenial pickpause

triple totemic togetherness

argyle tied, twiddling, charged

what kinds of mad subculture explosion

at Longlast best Encountership

to rid bearings of glue

glasspiles & e

to speak of authenticities

chaos 50


back to Book of Days


time travel

-1 .. 2008-2-18

+1 .. 2008-2-20

+7 .. 2008-2-26

+13 .. 2008-3-3

+20 .. 2008-3-10

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